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WebFoot Publications - For the best in Web Design, CMS - Content Management Systems and web sites that actually return your investment...!

This is also our 12th Year in using the web as a business tool - it's been a whole lot of fun and we have seen lots of other web developers come and go.

See RussellSays.com - for Content Management and Web Design thoughts from our e-vangelist

Our skill sets and experience gives you the piece of mind that you are dealing with knowledgeable, honest business people - and that's the key - a web site should "fit into your business". It should be a part of your business plan - or at the very least a part of your marketing plan. We work at "net speed" and use plain language - your language...

We build "websites that work" - we help you to understand the internet and how to use your web site to...

  1. Build your "brand" - increase the "value" of your brand and help your "brand" be kept in the "top of mind" of your audience

  2. Reduce your costs of customer acquisition & servicing - in short reduce the overhead of "doing business"

  3. Increase your income - reach new geographical markets and leverage your "Intellectual Property" into a revenue stream

Google Adwords:
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The ideal web company is one that is here to help when you need them - and off your balance sheet when you don't...

...that's WebFoot.

WebFoot also created the Web Based Communication Tool for e-c Technologies