About WebFoot and Content Management Systems

Here is an overview of what we do at WebFoot™.

"Death of Distance"

As most of our clients agree, the Internet can be used to get "nearer" to your existing and new customers. This can mean providing a mechanism for ordering on your web site or using your web site for information distribution / sharing in a cost effective way.

We regularly travel to Auckland through the Bay Of Plenty and the Waikato and travel to Hawkes Bay and Wellington when required too. Distance is no handicap to giving our customers great service.

We have clients in Southland to the south and Northland in the north, with overseas based too. This demonstrates the Internet at it's very best - the ability to shrink the working world...

"CMS - Content Management Systems"



You own the web site - why do you need to pay someone to update it...?

WebFoot has three main types of Web Based Content Management Systems for our customers...

Edit part of a web site with a limited "fill in the form" type of Content Management System

Edit all of a web site manually with a web browser driven Content Management System - from any web enabled computer

Edit part or all of the web site from your internal processes - automagically

The team at WebFoot can deliver to you the best range of these systems for your needs - and for your budget. We have developed these systems since our first content management system was created in 1997 to provide our clients with many feature rich, web browser driven, update methodologies. Contact our New Company today for a chat about these tools.

Our New Company is called e-c internet solutions to reflect the "electronic clustering" use of a content management system to better communicate within and outside an organisation - see www.ectoolset.com for more details about our web based content management system.

"ASP Programming"



Standing for both "Active Server Pages" and for "Application Service Provider" we are in the forefront of this technology in New Zealand and the world.

Let us show you how your business can utilise these technologies to streamline the flow of information sourced from within your organisation.